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Date: 12-13th July 2003 (Saturday-Sunday)
Location: Dataran Air Keruh-Alor Gajah, MELAKA

the 1000 cars convoy are organise by Melaka State Government in conjunction with Hari Belia celebration peringkat Negeri Melaka. Ketua  Menteri head the convoy from dataran air keruh tu alor gajah. The organiser claimed that there are 1300 cars in the convoy on last Sunday. out of 1300, only 9 cars from nismoclub.
 We receive invitation from one of the local car club in melaka, Indera Motor Club on Tuesday to join the event. They promise to provide accomodation, lunch and petrol for us.
 We got a confirmation of 16 cars to join for the convoy in less then a week, but unfortunately theres a problems with some of our member's cars. 2 cars in the workshop cancell to join. The other 3 cancell  after not receiving good respond to depart on sunday morning.
 We start moving from tol sungai besi at about 6.10pm last saturday with 4 nissan & 1 proton. Stop  at Nilai R&R to meet with 3 other nissans and 1 proton. Total all together, there are 7 nissans and 2 protons.
 With the help of radio/walkie talkie supplied by mr. MIZI, we have a smooth convoy to melaka. We arrive at air keruh toll at about 8.++ pm. 1 of our member, mr. FUJI (not a japanesse), wait us at the Air Keruh toll (.....or actually we are the one that waiting).......so now we have 8 nissans and 2 protons.
 Indera Club guy bring for a dinner to an ikan bakar place. After few negotiation going on and muka seposen, we manage to get sponsor for the dinner partially and the rest we pay for only RM5/person. We get a complete dinner with 6 fish (3 bakar, 3 S&S), sambal sotong, unlimited drinks of tea O and air suam, 2-3 bungkus/person of nasi lemak bungkus and some fruit for a desert. WOW!!! the cheapest ikan bakar session ever for me...!!! ahakksss..........
 They bring us to our accomodation, Chalet Kak Long. Somewhere in Ilai..?? iloi??  Arggghhhhh.forget already laa where.
 B4 we go to sleep, Mr. FUJI offer his service to be a tourist guide tak bertauliah for us,  ronda2 pusing2 Melaka on malam minggu. He bring us to Hang Tuah Mall, Melaka Raya, tengok bapok and lastly we hang out at Pantai Klebang. We manage to promote nismoclub in melaka via the downpipe screaming of our member's RBDET's cedric.  Melaka people brutal-brutal jgak.racing motor tak ingat dunia!!! AhaksssWe went back to the chalet at about 2am.
 On Sunday we wake up early to wash/lap-lap our car from the morning dew. At 9.00am we meet with other Indera Club members. Then we moved to Melaka International Convention Centre (eh.betul ker??) at Air Keruh, where all other participant were gathered. On the way, we meet with 1 of our member, mr. ZAKI that just arrived from Muar. So now we have complete members for the event, 9 nissans and 2 protons. At Air Keruh, there a lots of carsmost of it is proton, I notice there are also about 20 Satria Gti Club Cars there.
 After the registration, food grabbing, welcome note, bla , bla, etc, etc, ketua menteri arriving, bla, bla..we start moving at about 2.45pm with traffic police escorting. Imagine a 10 km long convoy!!!
 We went trough a village area, where all villager include makcik, pakcik, tok nek, budak2 and not forgeting aweks2 chun dan bergetah wave their hands to usphew!!.what a wonderful sight.!!! FUJI and friend sempat layan bapok kampong lagi (something wrong some where nih...)hahahahaha. We take the opportunity to hand over all things we get from the registration bag to them. Berebut-rebut!!.sometime feel like santa claus laa pulak..FUJI plak promote tongkat ali..hehehehehe.
 After arrived at alor gajah, ding dong ding dong we went for brakefast cum lunch cum dinner at about 5.00pm. Then we split, 3 cars want to go elsewhere incl. going back to Muar and the rest went to Alor Gajah PLUS exit to went back to KL. B4 that we stop at a roadside stall for some Melakas cincaluk and belacan. 1 of our member mr. FIZAL thought to pour the cincaluk into his RB20DET radiator coz the overheat prob. earlier. Thanks again to Mr. FUJI for showing us the way to the alor gajah exit.
 We hit the PLUS hi-way with 6 nissans, 1 proton. After 1 stop, the convoy are splited.maybe some are eager to arrive home fast, and some still cool with it. Heheheheheso sorry guys pasal tinggal korang kat belakang. I arrive home at 8.00 pm with a happy feeling and burn skin!!! Thanks guys!!! , MiZI, Suhaimi, Fuji, Zaki, Sulaiman, Amy, azrul & alfizal not forgeting azuhuri and hairi for a wonderful experience. Nice to meet u all and hope to c u all again in next event. 
by atai