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Welcome To e-NISMOCLUB

  The NISSAN MOTORING CLUB / nismoclub (Formerly known as NMC) are car enthusiasts & loyal owners of NISSAN regardless model, condition and from which generations they are; from the 80's to the new millennium. Our members consist of Cefiro, Silvia, Altima, Bluebird, Sentra, AD Resort, Sunny, March and even a "mutant" such as Skyfiro GT-R & Pulstra GtiR!! ...With one motto in our heart, Extreme Spirit of Nissan. For that we are committed in ensuring NISSAN is SOLID FUN!!!

 The precious experience & knowledge are shared together via the mailing list, a message forum and monthly Teh Tarik Session; we can be a great source of NISSAN related information. With fun activities such as Sunday Drives, Convoy Cruises, Visits, Track Day, Photo Session and many others who wouldn’t want to miss this. Come along to the next meet & say hello!!!

 Do u got what it takes to be one of us? Three important rules:

  1. u are Malaysian.
  2. u drive/own a registered Nissan (Datsun) car regardless condition and year makes.
  3. u have passion, enthusiast & spirit to Nissan.

 How to join? For a start, check out our e-NISMOCLUB yahoogroups here [OR nismoclub forumer here] & SUBSCRIBE today. After your subscription approve, your email will be included in our mailing list. U may communicate with all nismoclub members just by sending email to nismoclub@yahoogroups.com. Through email u will also be updated with any club activities. It’s a good opportunity to get to know each others and create a social bond amongst members. 

For any enquiries, pls send email to nismoclub@yahoo.com.